1. Alan Powers

    interesting theory but I think henry wanted anne out of the way because he wanted jane Seymour and did not want the same trouble of getting a divorce like he did with Katherine that’s why anne was set up

  2. Dr Karl Olah

    It’s in the wrong place for a thyroid goitre. That would be lower down in the neck and not where this swelling is placed. More likely is a salivary gland swelling or a lymph node.

    • Pat Deegan

      Fair enough – I was very taken by the pudginess of the chin as Anne was famously slight and, being in her thirties, was too young to have developed the jowls of age.

  3. Paulinejoan

    Lovely drawing of a blonde haired woman who is a bit chubby. That is not a goitre.
    She looks lovely and healthy ,,
    We will never know for sure who it is ..

  4. Christin Rauwolf Winckelmann

    To me, this picture look like an older version of Catherine of Aragon. She was portrayed with reddish blond hair in her portraits. I don’t believe that Ann Boleyn would have ever worn a hat like that. She favored the French styles.

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