1. Candia Harland

    Loved the Article !!! It is so sad that Arthur passed away so young. And that it could’ve been a number of illnesses that took his life is even sadder! He would’ve been a Good King I think.

    • Carolyn Clark

      Just like Susan Abernethy I watched “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” miniseries on TV when I was about 10 years old, and that started a life-long fascination with the Tudor period of English history. I just found this blogspot and I will be looking forward to reading many more articles like this one. It’s so interesting to read about Prince Arthur and learning details that I didn’t know before this.

  2. Mary Anne Huchinson

    Since Catherine was ill at the same time, it would seem to rule out testicular cancer. That is a reasonably recent diagnosis basis on a comment that the disease penetrated his inward parts

    Unlike most rumors, Arthur was a healthy young man, “Tll for his age” according to the Spanish ambassador, and much better than his brother Henry at archery which takes much upper arm strength.

    Both young people could have contracted a virus or a form of influence, such as the Spanish flu which decimated Europe after WWI. Viral diseases tend to mutate rapidly and then disappear.

    No one will probably ever know. I distrust Dona Elvira who was eager to claim Catherine might be pregnant until it was clear she wasn’t, hoping no doubt for a Spanish king of England. Catherine’s confessor, who knew as much as Elvira, sincerely believed she was.

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