Could This Really Be Mary Howard?

While searching for Google for the Holbein sketch of Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond and Somerset yesterday, I came across this miniature that is by the same artist. The question remains…is this TRULY Mary Howard? Let’s compare it to the portraits of her parents and see if there is any resemblance. It’s always hard to … [More]

Pastimes for a Princess (Guest Post)

We are very excited to announce that we are part of Melita Thomas’ book tour for “The King’s Pearl” – if you haven’t purchased the book yet I’d highly recommend you do so. There are not many books available on Queen Mary I of England and Thomas does a marvelous job at bringing her to … [More]

Elizabeth and Mary – Battling Down the Centuries (Guest Post)

Elizabeth and Mary – battling down the centuries                      Guest article by Sarah Gristwood It would be hard to find two women about whom more has been written than Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart – separately and, of course, together. I’ve written repeatedly of them both myself, in fiction as well as in factual history. Each … [More]