Pastimes for a Princess (Guest Post)

We are very excited to announce that we are part of Melita Thomas’ book tour for “The King’s Pearl” – if you haven’t purchased the book yet I’d highly recommend you do so. There are not many books available on Queen Mary I of England and Thomas does a marvelous job at bringing her to … [More]

Elizabeth and Mary – Battling Down the Centuries (Guest Post)

Elizabeth and Mary – battling down the centuries                      Guest article by Sarah Gristwood It would be hard to find two women about whom more has been written than Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart – separately and, of course, together. I’ve written repeatedly of them both myself, in fiction as well as in factual history. Each … [More]

A Forgotten Tudor Scientist – Part 1

By Patricia Deegan (written 2007 and revised 2016) Part I: Background – Medical Treatment in Tudor England This series of articles are about a man who has been called the “Father of English Botany”: William Turner.  Botany being the scientific study of plants. Plants were important sources of medications available to society in Medieval and … [More]