Anne Boleyn: Poisoner or Witchcraft?

You’ve most likely heard the stories, or accusations, of Anne Boleyn trying to poison her enemies – do you think she did? Witchcraft was nothing new to Tudor England. During the reign of Edward lV his queen consort, Elizabeth Woodville and her mother Jacquetta, Countess Rivers (dowager Duchess of Bedford) were also accused of the … [More]

Who was Princess Mary of York?

On 11 August 1467 Princess Mary was born at Windsor Castle. She was the second child/daughter of Edward lV and his queen consort, Elizabeth Woodville. She was the younger sister of Elizabeth of York who later became queen to Henry Vll. Excerpt from: History Refreshed by Susan Higginbotham The Children Who Predeceased Edward IV In 1481, … [More]

Heirs Who Never Took the Throne – Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales

Arthur Tudor 20 September 1486 – 2 April 1502 Arthur Tudor was first born son of Henry Vll and his queen, Elizabeth of York. He was older brother to Henry Vlll and first husband of Catherine of Aragon. His death came as a shock to the entire kingdom. Without Arthur, Henry Vll no longer had “an … [More]

Heirs Who Never Took The Throne – Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales

                National Portrait Gallery: The eldest son of James I and Anne of Denmark, Henry was by all accounts a remarkable prince; intelligent and learned, he excelled in feats of arms and was an informed patron of the arts. This portrait by his official artist Robert Peake is … [More]

Watch Wedding Day Footage of Elizabeth ii’s Parents

Silent newsreel footage of the wedding day of The Duke of York (later King George VI) and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) as they travel to and from Westminster Abbey for the ceremony.

Did Queen Anne Neville Have An Uncle Who Was King?

  While searching for images of the Duke of Clarence I came across this image from the National Portrait Gallery, London.  I had never heard of Henry, Duke of Warwick and became intrigued.  Who was he and why is he portrayed with the Kingmaker, his family and the Duke of Clarence in this etching? From … [More]

Did Elizabeth of York Want to Marry Her Uncle Richard lll?

To continue on the theme of Richard lll and his niece, Elizabeth of York – Were they planning to marry in the event of the death of the queen?     Here are a couple excerpts from, Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses, by Sarah Gristwood. Sir George Buck, who in … [More]

Richard lll’s Family Tragedies

Excerpt from The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Royal Britain by Charles Phillips: The following year King Richard’s 11 year-old son and only child, Edward, Prince of Wales died. Richard and his queen, Anne, were maddened with grief. The prospect of a Yorkist inheritance, so dear to Richard’s heart, began to look extremely vulnerable and when, in … [More]

King James II of Scotland

On 3 August 1460, King James ll of Scotland died. He was killed in a cannon explosion at the siege of Roxburgh.  His son, James lll inherited the thrown after the death of his father. James ll was married to Mary of Guelders who served as regent (1460-1463) for her son (James lll) after the death … [More]