1. Henry VIII born 1491. Henry had a more pronounced dorsal curve to his nose, and Arthur the more straight. So a portrait of a young man in 1500 with a gillyflower (sign of betrothal ) has to be ARTHUR. Since Henry would only have been 9 years of age. 1509 he was 18 and that means Arthur was Dead and Henry was not yet married to Catherine of Aragon. YES?

  2. Caroline

    In portrait 1 the eyes are a darkish blue/grey (Henry), regardless of colour, Henrys portraits depict dark eyes. In portraits 2 and 3 the eyes are a deliberate lighter shade of brown (Arthur).

  3. Tamra Monroe

    The pin on the hat of the confirmed picture of Arthur, isn’t that now listed as a brooch belonging to Katharine of Aragon? They do look like but brothers but there are many distinct facial features that set them apart, the straight nose of Arthur, the larger and darker eyes of Henry, the fuller mouth of Henry.

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