1. Liam McDonald

    What `proof` is there that Warwick instigated the rumours that Edward was illegitimate? Isn`t it more correct to say that the allegations of illegitimacy originated from the court of Louis XI of France?
    And aren`t there some contemporary reports that say that Cicely, upon learning of Edward`s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville herself declared that Edward was not the son of Richard Duke of York?
    Weren`t there were further reports at the time of Richard III`s usurpation of the throne, that his supporters were circulating the story of Edward`s illegitimacy, with Richard`s approval?
    I don`t for one minute think that Edward was illegitimate, but the evidence to say he wasn`t isn`t exactly conclusive. Like so many of the events from the Yorkist period, the truth of Edward`s legitimacy is covered in mist

  2. Liz

    The writer of this article appears to have a problem with dates and years. Edward IV was born on 28th April 1442, not 1441. As far as I am concerned the legitimacy of Edward IV’s heirs is under a cloud because of his secret “marriage” to Elizabeth Woodville.

  3. THE RICARDIAN, Vol.XXVIII (2018), ppl 15-28, “by just computation of the time”, Livia Visser-Fuchs, addresses this and shows that the time lengths support Richard of York’s fathering Edward IV.

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