1. Marilyn Hargreaves

    I have been researching Jane Champernowne (Denny) and found conflicting birth details. Some say she was the daughter of Sir Philip and Katherine Carew, others say she was his sister and daughter of Sir John and Margaret Courtenay. BIrth dates vary from 1505 to 1515, if she was married to Denny in 1538, then she was most likely born at the later date, but this is after the marriage date of Sir Philip and Katherine. Anyone have definite facts?

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Is it possible there were two women with the same name and that’s why you are seeing two sets of parents? I pulled my info about her from Kate Emerson’a Tudor Women website. I’d check it our for sure – she has a lot of women on there and theY are sure otter alphabetically. Let me know if you need help!

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