1. Tamra Monroe

    What an excellent article! I had thought she was only around 15 when she met the king which would have put her around 12 when men began molesting her. Either way it was disgusting and is a shame Henry did not champion her and silence her accusers rather than silence his queen. I have also read the letter to Culpeper was written in two distinctly different hand writings. Hiring Derham was indeed her 2nd biggest mistake. The first and biggest was trusting in her husband and his affections.

    • 20 days after. I’m sure he would have preferred to know, ya know, before hand, but well – he was wiling to give allowances for how long it took news to travel and give them 20 days to come forward after the deed was done. If they remained silent and later were discovered to have known and not reported the information, they would be executed as traitors.

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