1. Marcia

    I think Henry was in love with being in love. The person on the other end did not really matter. Kind of creepy that he associates the exhilaration of hunting and killing animals with thoughts of his mistress of the day. He was just an adrenaline junkie from the sound of it.

    • Kimberly Riley

      I agree with you and Anne was a very clever woman! She knew if she kept him at arms length it would be better for her. He was in love with love and remembering this was the 16th century, men were most virile hunting and fighting. So it goes hand in hand with him wanting her. Another conquest.

  2. Annette G

    How wonderful and truly special to be able to share his feelings for Ann Boleyn.
    He truly was in love and spent what seemed to be a very long time apart before they were in each others company.

    Thank you for sharing these miraculous letters between the King and his love Ann Boleyn.

    Annette G

  3. Kelly

    If you are truly in love, you don’t have someone beheaded even if you think they cheated on you with your brother…..

  4. Cate

    The letters start out more in the chase of her the pursuit of getting a woman who is reluctant to be with him. She was a challenge. The first 9 letters are more about Henry’s wants and desires.

    Once Anne became ill with the sweating sickness there is a change in the tone of the letters. Letters 13, 14 and 15 is where he calls her by sweet names it becomes more about the two of them.

    As we ultimately see once a woman, his woman, did not produce a male heir she was cast aside or in Anne’s case beheaded.

    He would stop at nothing to see if he could have a son. He divorced Kathryn of Aragon, broke with the Catholic church and killed his closest friends who did not see Anne as queen. Nor he as the head of the Church of England.

    Did Henry love her deeply spiritually? In my opinion no.

    Overall the pursuit, the illicit courtship ending with marriage, breaking with the church, divorcing Kathryn, it is still about one thing. A male heir and a fertile woman who could produce a son.

  5. Lori Jones

    I think he enjoyed the thrill of the chase. Henry was a hunter, she presented a challenge. He obtained her(Annr Bolyn), she couldn’t produce a.male child, to be King. Off with her head, on to the next hunt and capture.

  6. Peg

    He wanted his way with everything. She thrilled him for a while but was ready to move on when desire for a son was not met. Not love, just a thrill.

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