Book Review: “The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor” by Elizabeth Norton

As you many already know I’ve been feverishly reading and researching Thomas Seymour for the last year or so. Awhile ago I came across this book on Amazon and realized it would have a lot written in it about Thomas and so I had to have it. I read this awhile ago and wrote the … [More]

Six Ways Shakespeare Impacted the History of the Last Medieval Queen (Guest Post)

  Guest article by Cassidy Cash But, I beseech you, what’s become of Katharine, The princess dowager? how goes her business? William Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Act IV, Scene I When it came time to write his play, Henry VIII, Shakespeare painted a picture of Katharine of Aragon, one of the most famous figures of history … [More]

Elizabeth I: Just Ruler or Just Lucky? (Guest Post)

Guest article by Heidi Malagisi When one thinks of a good ruler, there are some examples throughout history which we turn to like Winston Churchill, Alexander the Great, and Nelson Mandela to name a few. One of the most influential rulers of all time, however, was not a man but a woman; Queen Elizabeth I … [More]

Elizabeth, Queen of England (Part Four)

Become a Patron! Read Part One: Click Here  / Listen to Part One: Click Here Read Part Two: Click Here / Listen to Part Two: Click Here Read Part Three: Click Here / Listen to Part Three: Click Here Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England In the early morning hours of the 17th of November 1558 … [More]