1. Sandy

    I didn’t know she was his favorite wife. She doesn’t look frivolous or fun loving, but rather dour in these depictions.

    • I believe she was his favorite wife – he is buried next to her. She gave him the son he so desired, unlike his other wives. They really weren’t together long enough for him to start to dislike her. The question will always be, what if she had survived, would he have fallen out of love with her? I think Jane was the most like his mother EoY and that is what he most desired. A wife like his beloved mother.


    The impression I always had was that she was a somewhat plain, quiet, mild – in short, Anti-Boleyn Matter. When I was young I thought she was horribly boring, but of course that’s how one got by with a guy like Henry. Ann of Cleves also survived by being boring.

  3. Dr Karl Olah

    The pictures are all similar. I would go with Hol win as being the best representation. He was such a great artist that it is likely that he has captured her likeness better than most. Needless to say she doesn’t appear to be a looker by modern standards.

  4. My mother is a Howard great grandaughter as well as a Nevill. She is therefore related to every wife of Henry VIII. Mary Bolyne-Carrey is our 12th great grandmother and This wonderful woman: Jane Semour is our 2nd cousin married to Henry VIII. Their son Edward VI is our second cousin depending on which side from which you count. D. Charles Rice 1948 Nebraska Dudley/Tudors

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