1. Amanda

    I had read that Anne implicated possible innocent men as being her lovers and they too were executed- I’m no scholar on the Tudor dynasties by any means, but from what I have read, I think it rested with Henry, and if the records are correct, Anne herself. Who, as Queen, would take lovers, knowing that such actions would be considered high treason?

    • Tudors Dynasty

      She did not take lovers. The dates that they said she spent with those men have since been proven false. She was in different places at those times. It was all a setup to take her down because Henry tired of her and desperately wanted a male heir.

  2. Another factor I’ve heard is that Henry may have given up on Anne’s chances of giving him a son. By Tudor standards, she wasn’t a young woman anymore. He may have feared a repeat of Catherine of Aragon.

  3. Miss Kitty

    There might have been a fear that she couldn’t bear a son so Cromwell and others plotted her downfall she was mostly innocent I guess we will never know the real reason, it could have been the death off Katherine of Aragon and King Henrys son Henry of Richmond was dying and jane Seymour offered a sympathetic ear to King Henry he could be manipulated maybe it was really Jane

  4. Miss Kitty

    she didn’t take lovers she couldn’t without people knowing
    one of her ladies in waiting I cant remember her name was accused by her brother of naughty behaviour she cheekily replied I’m not as bad as the queen someone told the king what was said and maybe Cromwell used it to bring her down
    maybe the king was under stress because his ex wife died his new wife lost a son and blamed him his bastard son was dying of tb or maybe cystic fibrosis it was easier to kill her off and make a new start

    • Tiffany Taylor

      Jane parker was her name.. That other lady . i just watched it on showtime last night.. For some reason im really interested in anne..that was some foul shit they did to her tho.

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