1. Neshia

    Elizabeth I learned from the many mistakes made by the people around her. She watched her half sister Mary Tutor hand over her power to a man from Spain who threw her over when she could not “produce” and haire. She watched silly Mary Queen of Scott’s do the same thing but also be a part of murder plots and attempts to over throw Elizabeth who was giving her protect even though it was more like jail. She would not give her kingdom up for love. She might have if Robert Dudley “my eyes” had not had the black mark of his wife’s sudden death from a fall; as she was mad for him. He showed that he was not to be trusted when he married again without her permission to the most beautiful woman in England. Elizabeth exacted her revenge by demanding the attention of not only this woman’s husband’s but also the attention of the woman’s son who was later beheaded by Elizabeth for treason
    . The charge should have been stupidity as he was a rather thick headed but beautiful young man.

    • T

      How insulting is that remark, most French men are pretty inteligent and suave unlike a lot of zthe English who appear rather snobbish & slobbish.

      • I think if you read up about the Duke of Anjou , Frog was quite complimentary , he could have been called a lot worse . I don’t think he was a typical Frenchman

  2. Elizabeth Tudor: The most powerful woman in the world of 1558-1603. She learned from her father that there was nothing in the world which could not be bought. She spent 20 years with Robert Dudley at her side night and day. She had at least 3 children by him. Mary Sidney 1561 raised by his sister Mary Tudley Sidney and was married off to the Earl of Pembrookshire. Queen Victoria Burned the proof of the secret marriage 200 years later at the Earles’ Home. Mary Sidney being the eldest had the names of those present and the Priest name who performed the ceremony. We know that she was married because she confessed prior to her near death of Small pox that that she had lived her life according to the laws of the Church, and had Robert Dudley named protector of the Realm with a 20,000 lb. annual payment if anything were to happen to her. Parlement was thus informed of her directives. Her second child was Sir Francis Bacon, my 5th cousin and raised by the keeper of the great seal Sir Edmund Bacon1563. He left nothing to Francis as a son because he knew he had Royal inheritance. King James I the first negotiated a settlement of his debts of 40,000 lbs sterling in return Francis and his heirs could never seek the throne. Lastly there is a curious birth story 9 mos. after Robert Dudley was elevated to Master of the Horse February 12-17 1564. November 1565 17th -22 the queen was laying in with what Lord Burleigh described as SEASONAL Afflictions to the Spanish Ambassador who asked directly if the Queen had had a child? See Records of Parliment on line 1558- 1570 time line. That boy was given to Sir John Perrot 1528 the queens 1/2 brother by Mary Berkley. The boy John Perratt II 1565 entered OXFORD Grey’s Inn 1580 along with Sir Johns two other sons by his lover/wife: Sybil Johns Perrot of Waterford Ireland. That child is my named 8th great grandfather and my DNA Matches Sutton Dudley cousins 23/25 and 59/67 markers on Y chromosome. Dudley is my 9th great grandfather by a child of UNKNOWABLE Woman. DCR

    • Judith Brosnan

      There has NEVER been ANY whisper of ANY births accountable to Elizabeth 1. EVER. So I’d be interested to see your docemented proof. I wonder why this has NEVER been picked up by any of the dedicated historians of our time or before & yet you have a line on 3 births. Wow.

  3. You have a rather vivid imagination. I remember reading that when Elizabeth was being courted by the Duke of Anjou, she had to undergo the humiliation of being examined by doctors to prove her virginity and capability to bear children.
    I have read extensively about Elizabeth and have never come across anything that might substantiate your rather ridiculous claims. Where is the proof? Of course, there isn’t any.

  4. Valérie Cruzin

    I just love this woman and how she dealt with the burden of her past to make it a strength. She gives us all a lesson on women’s strength, power and influence, though she was not always right nor easy…

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