1. Jayne Allen

    It is hard to imagine that George never had any illegitimate children due his popularity with the ladies. I too would like to think that Elizabeth and Mary are descendants of the Boleyn dynasty, what a great research project this could be. Even better a fictional story…

  2. HollyDolly

    If you read the grave stone carefully, their father was Thomas Boleyn, the son of George boleyn, son of George boleyn ,Lord Rochford. That would mean the Anne’s brother George would have been their GREAT GRANDFATHER. If you follow this line of reasoning, then the portraits of Birr Castle might actually be within the correct time frame. George could have had a child by some servant or some other woman, maybe either before or during his marriage to Jane Parker at some point in time. There is some reason that the inscription was placed on the stone.I don’t think the person who carved did it on a whim. They were probably told to do so by some servant or family member.Don’t think anyone has really deleved into the history of the Boleyns in Ireland. This certainly merits research also into George Boelyn, the Dean of Litchfield and his connection as well.There may people bearing the family name in England today who are distant cousins of Anne Boleyn.

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