1. Robert Kapanjie

    I think that beauty back then would be very difficult for us to ascertain because criteria for attractiveness changes with time. Even today what is comely to one may be loathsome to another. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  2. Hans van Felius

    Beauty, eyes and beholder, indeed. Some of the ladies were by the standards of the time middle aged, which seems inevitable, thinking of Mary’s age when she became queen. And some were older when she had her own Household, when she still was the heir presumptive. A young girl needing sound counsel…
    Kathy Lynn Emerson is a gem, by the way. The only problem is, that she did not always record sources. Which ofcourse was not needed when she started her collection…
    Are you planning to have and entry on Jane Russell as well? Jane, wife of William Russell and their daughter Mary (guess who she was named after?) are among my ancestors. Here and there I found more information than Kathy Lynn Emersons website has. Only the husband remains something of an enigma….

  3. Alberto

    Jane Dormer, Duchess of Feria was a very atractive young lady when she was at Mary’s court. The ugliness of these women was an absurd myth.

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