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  1. While there is a kind of Amnesia of early childhood in most adults, there is a kind of memory associated with IDETIC kind of memory which includes colors, smells, sensations that are the only input a child has in the WOMB. I know because I have clear memory of FIRST Pain caused by my brother age 5 climbing up onto my mother’s pregnant stomach and placing his knee in my right side caused a bruise to my liver….The pain brought me into the world of consciousness. I also recall that the sound of my mother’s voice was stern toward other children on the Train Ride from Nebraska to Oregon in 1947. She was 5 mos. pregnant with me her last child. We came west in mid December and I was conceived in Mid July 1947 so 5 months and this Pain experience awoke other senses….She had packed fried chicken for the train trip and I had my first sensation of SAGE among other spices she used on that chicken. My recollection of my birth day would take much too long to recite here. D. Charles Rice 1948 The Nebraska Rices

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