1. Kathleen McDonald

    Henry sure seemed to be busy. I had read he was rather modest. I do know that it was a common practice to bed married women of Henry’s court..

  2. Fran Fulwiler

    The supposed portrait of Richard Edwardes shown next to Henry VIII looks more like Geoffrey Chaucer (c.1343-1400). The same portrait was identified as Edwardes in the Wikipedia article on him, and attributed to John Dryden, an admirer of Chaucer. Why would Edwardes be portrayed as dressed in 14th-century clothing? There is obviously a mistake here. Here are similar Chaucer portraits:



  3. Amanda Spalding

    Catherine Carey’s daughter Lettice Knollys bore a striking resemblance to Elizabeth I, and look who she married!

  4. Silvia

    It might be a possibility. I knew only about Fitzroy and the children of Mary Boleyn. However, there is a belief that he didn’t take any other mistress after he fell in love with Anne Boleyn somewhere around 1526.

  5. John Clare

    Apart from Fitzroy all these cases are highly speculative and based on rumour i.e Henry could have had these children so he probably did.

  6. Miss Kitty

    Ive heard that William carey was a cousin of King Henrys its possible that he could be the father Williams eyes were similar to Henrys

  7. Like almost all other writers: You have missed the most obvious bastard son: Born to Laundress of Lady Rhys ap Thomas, and 3rd cousin of the king…Beatrice ap Rhys -Gardiner 1487 4 years older than Henry VIII. He spotted her at Calis June 1520 and “Hal or Harry” was born in the spring 1521. His entire education was paid for out of Princess Mary Tudor’s household expense. His sister Mary born 1530 was also raised at the Castle of Princess Mary Tudor. Harry’s education at Durham Priory and his clothing board were gifted by Mary the princess. And Beatrice was sangged away from the Rhys ap Thomas family of Carew and stayed with Mary from 1520-1558 when Mary Tudor the Queen died. See History of Parliment on Line. D. Charles Rice 1948 of the Nebraska Dudley-Tudors

  8. I descend through Mary Boleyn to Catherine Carey on my maternal side as well as Owen Tudor Catherine Valois. My Father’s side is double descended from Audrey/ Ethelralda Maulte the Kings London Taylor and our 7th and 8th grandfathers of proved 6th great grandfather John Rice of Dedham , Ma 1624 son of Perrot ap Rice `1598 the Kngs great grandson via John Perrot ‘s daughter: Margaret Mercer 1580, who’s mother was Johanna Lovelace Mercer. DCR 1948

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