1. Lisa Marrero

    Do you know of a book that has these pictures? I’ve
    found books that only have drawings. I’d prefer to
    see pictures with details in color.
    I am fascinated by the clothing of The Tudor era
    and other eras also.
    Thank you

    • Sara

      I have a book called A Pictorial History of Costumes from Ancient times to the Nineteenth Century by Wolfgang Bruhn and Max Tilke.

      It has over 1900 costumes with 1000 in colour. It cost $40.95 CDN ( $26.95 USD)

  2. Ellie Merritt

    While these hats are beautiful, they look uncomfortable as are the women’s clothes. However, today we are now wearing very boring clothes. I do like the idea of hats coming back in style but I doubt that I will see it in my lifetime.

  3. Mary Eynard

    I’ve seen paintings of women in French hoods which appear to show a thin strap under the chin. What was the common practice for wearing a French hood? Was the hood held in place by hat pins or did the design of the hood help it ‘adhere’ to the shape of the head?
    Thank you.

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